Best Suited

Not every manufacturing cell is right for Strategic Cell Migration.

The best way to determine the strategic fit is to talk with us and learn more about what we do and how this business model benefits other manufacturers. Below you will find the primary characteristics of manufacturers and parts for which Strategic Cell Migration offers the greatest value.

Manufacturers best suited for cell migration are those that…

  1. Design, manufacture, assemble and sell
  2. Have aging equipment and capital constraints
  3. Have excess capacity in certain cells
  4. Need to realize cost savings
  5. Have inflexible work rules and high labor costs
  6. Don’t or can’t implement Lean Tools
  7. Don’t see manufacturing as a core competency
  8. Need factory space for core capabilities
  9. Need to implement a change of business strategy or organization redesign
  10. Would like to place more emphasis on downstream processes or product lines that add more value

Products best suited for cell migration are those that…

  1. Are difficult to produce
  2. Have larger parts with lower volumes
  3. Are forecasted to have reduced sales
  4. Are difficult to ship long distances
  5. Have complex families of parts
  6. Are used in expensive applications
  7. Have higher risks and costs for failure

If this sounds like your facility and parts, consider Strategic Cell Migration now by contacting us!