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Employee-owned contract manufacturing company helping clients reduce costs and enable business strategy for more than 40 years. Stronger and more capable through the recent acquisition of Billet Industries.

Flinchbaugh provides traditional and innovative manufacturing models delivering high-quality, reliable precision manufacturing of CNC machined parts to keep your business running smoothly. We provide globally competitive manufacturing with our US workforce of employee owners.

More Than Precision Metal Manufacturing

Employee ownership drives the highest level of engagement throughout the organization. Customer satisfaction, quality, on-time delivery, and high levels of collaboration are seen as keys to our success.

Transfer Your Line To Flinchbaugh

With a Strategic Cell Migration™, your machine tools and shop knowledge are transferred to a Flinchbaugh facility where we produce parts using the same tooling, CNC programs, and time-proven processes as you. Leveraging existing assets, both hardware and software, enables us to offer a low risk solution to traditional outsourcing at lower cost.

stacks of machined parts

Flinchbaugh Engineering Capabilities

Our York, PA manufacturing campus is comprised of 6 buildings with over 180,000 square feet of manufacturing space supported by 2 offsite warehouses. The manufacturing campus maintains 24/7 continuous operations with roughly 230 employees and 140 CNC machine tools. We utilize a lean cellular structure supporting single piece flow where possible to achieve world-class cost and productivity. The Billet Industries campus is uniquely equipped to support the needs of a variety of military, defense and aerospace clients.