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York Daily Record/Sunday News

The following article by Lauren Boyer appeared in the York Daily Record/Sunday News on 3/15/2011

Corbett Defends Proposed Budget Boost

The governor toured Flinchbaugh Engineering after releasing his budget last week.

Gov. Tom Corbett defended the pro-business slant of his recently proposed budget Monday during a visit to Flinchbaugh Engineering in Hellam Township.

“There’s been a lot of people talking… a lot of pundits, complaining that my budget s too business friendly,” he said, his voice muffled by the roar of machinery at the plant. “I’ll disagree with that Business is what this country is about.”

One of his first public appearances since his budget address, Corbett was peppered with questions about higher education, funding cuts, the expiration of adultBasic health insurance, and the Liberty Loan Fund, a consolidation of the state’s department of community and economic development’s private-sector financing programs.

After releasing his proposal last week, Corbett said he’s heard varying feedback.

“I was walking in the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Pittsburgh,” he said. “I got booed, I got cheered. That’s what it is when you’re governor. You have to make tough decisions.”

Regardless, he said, $27.3 billion “is the number.”

“We will work to how we get there,” he added, “I’m a pretty reasonable person. I will sit down and listen.”

The budget also included a continued phase-out of the capital stock and franchise tax, a levy imposed on a company’s assets.

Corbett said he wants to encourage employees to buy equipment now by allowing them to write off the entire cost of expenses in one year, rather than spreading out the write-off over several years.

“One of the way we can help, also, is by staying out of the way,” he said. “Helping business isn’t selling out. It’s buying into the future of this country.”

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