Flinchbaugh Engineering, Inc.

York Daily Record/Sunday News

The following article by Lauren Boyer appeared in the York Daily Record/Sunday News on 3/15/2011

Fracking Benefits Local Firm

All the way from York County, one local company is benefiting from the Marcellus shale gas industry that’s sweeping northeastern and southwestern Pennsylvania.

Flinchbaugh Engineering, a Hellam Township manufacturer, secured a $1.5 million contract with Caterpillar to produce components for transmissions and clutch assemblies used in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a process used to extract natural gas.

“We’d love to see Pennsylvania be number on with Marcellus shale. We’d love to see Pennsylvania be the Texas of natural gas,” said Michael D. Lehman, president and CEO of Flinchbaugh Engineering. “Not only is that good for business, but it’s also good for the consumers here.”

On Monday, Gov. Tom Corbett visited the company, which employs 260 people. About 47 of those jobs were created since August 2010.

The governor touted Flinchbaugh’s 200-member employee stock ownership program. An employee-owned company, he said, is the “ultimate American dream.”

“You understand when you walk away from here and there’s a problem, it’s your problem. It’s not the company’s problem,” he said. “Quite honestly, that’s what we in state government need to do. We need to feel we’re invested in the process. We’re invested in the success.”


Part of that success, Corbett has said, will come through allowing the natural gas industry to develop without a potentially stifling severance tax.

Such a tax also concerns people like Lehman, who hold a stake in the shale industry.

“We do worry about it,” Lehman said, “because you can tax yourself into a wonderful state doesn’t have business, That’s always a problem.”

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